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I, Too, Became That Parent

We never thought that we would be the type of parents to consider private school. And yet.


Ask Kazzy #3

How do we explain the difference in confidence between similarly capable private and public school students? Kazzy attempts to answer…


seniority & nepotism

Lisa – I should clarify my thoughts on both merit pay and seniority. Regarding merit pay, I agree with you and a number of commenters here that it is very difficult to accurately measure...


Evaluating Teachers

Opponents of merit pay often argue that performance-based compensation punishes good teachers for factors beyond their control. A new article from The Atlantic suggests that administrators and teachers are getting markedly better at measuring...


Education & Autonomy

Will backtracked last week from this post, which included a chart detailing federal spending increases in education and the rather flat results over the past few decades.  And I wish he hadn’t, despite the...


Teachers Unions, Performance Pay, and Autonomy

Conor’s latest posts (here and here) sparked off a pretty decent debate in the comments over at The American Scene, and led to a good follow-up here at the League via Brother Will.   Over...


Teaching Moments

This depressing Los Angeles Times story inspired a pretty interesting debate on teacher unions over at the American Scene. In comments, Freddie mounts a persuasive defense of union-backed tenure for professional educators, arguing that...


the local school district today

…is laying off all the school psychologists, school counselors, art teachers, music teachers, theatre teachers, P.E. teachers, and many of its new teachers not out of the “probationary” period yet – a total cut...