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Futlity of Protest 58

The End of Protest

Marching and chanting have lost the power to move the needle. There are exceptions of course, but I contend that protest has an ever diminishing power to move us. With a few caveats (border policy on children for example) It’s hard to point to any policy changes that are a direct result of a protest movement in the last 5 years, in spite of record setting rallies and marches.

Kavanaugh 49

The Kavanaugh Dog and Pony Show Commenceth

This movie will end like the Gorsuch show did, the outcome having been scripted with the 2016 election results. The Democrats do not have the votes, and barring something very unforeseen there will be a vote on Judge Kavanaugh sometime in the next 30 days or so.


Don’t focus on the riots

Thoughts about the riots in Baltimore. But it can’t be just about the riots, can it?


Draft Protests

Perhaps it’s best to think of our historical opposition to war not as war protest but as draft protest. I’ve been reading Jerome Marmorstein’s “War As a Disease Epidemic” lately with a student I...


Democracy and Occupy Wall Street

Shawn writes: After facilitating at a general assembly several weeks back, one of my best friends received a message from a participant thanking him for the empowering experience. Even in the “world’s greatest democracy,”...


You say you want a revolution, well…

Michael Drew, in the comments: First the knock was that they’d never last.  Now the problem seems to be that they hung on too long and things got a little ripe.  I would counsel...


Promises Were Broken

by E.C. Gach In a recent guest post, Aaron B. pointed out that the Occupy Wall Street movement is, perhaps more than anything else, about forging a shared political identity and civic community.  And...


Occupy Wall Street

~by Aaron B. Slowly but surely, the Occupy Wall Street protests are gaining the attention of the mainstream media. A New York Times story on global protest movements makes a passing mention of the...


What Are These “Protests” You Are Talking About?

by Jason Arvak League members Scott Payne and Mark Thomspon have recently engaged in a debate over the value of protests.  In one sense, I agree with each of them.  Like Mark, I am...


Creating Apathy by Fighting Apathy

Scott (and, by implication, Freddie) has put together a challenging retort to my arguments that most large-scale political protests are inevitably undermined by the unpreventable introduction of irrelevant issues into the protest and are thus...


The Futility of Protesting

Andrew Sullivan has been taking flak from movement conservatives (what else is new?) for calling the Tea Party protests nothing more than childish “temper tantrums.”  He has repeatedly pointed out the hypocrisy of these...