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it's just property 141

It’s Just Property

And as is so often the case it will be the marginalized people who will pay the highest price, who already are paying the price

Driving Blind: One Xbox to Rule Them All

Slim pickings today because I spent so much time research the new #XBone and snarking it up with everyone else on Twitter. David Bezmozgis describes how he writes, including using Freedom to block the Internet...

Property Rights are Imaginary

For the first part of 2013, Canada has been in the grips of an existential crisis. The Idle No More movement saw Native Canadians voice their anger and frustration over centuries of abuse and...

Economics, Property Rights and Surfing

By Roger Parker On Tuesday morning, the forecasted South Pacific swell began to fill in. By the time the waves hit Southern California they were well over head high with a 16 second interval....