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Moral panics can crash quickly. Or they can last centuries, as the moral panic over witchcraft did. I have no feel for how long the moral panic over sex work will last. But now that FOSTA is law, the potential damage it will cause has dramatically increased.


The fact that I’m a beer snob is beside the point

So, it’s interesting to me that so many libertarian-minded people, when they look at beer sales in America, say “People drink Budweiser because people like Budweiser!” and fail to take into account the laws...


Recommended Reading

Matt Labash has a new article out on Michigan’s nascent medical marijuana industry. Like pretty much everything he writes, it’s extremely funny, but Labash’s actual views on the issue seem to fall somewhere in...


Friday Think Piece: Lessons of the Law

The next in the continuing series. It’s often said that you can’t legislate morality. There’s a ponderous satisfaction to the phrase, and it does seem to explain a great deal, at least at first....


The Tea Party’s Skin Deep Libertarianism

Jim Geraghty has a great article on the foibles of a movement candidate from Nevada, including one statement that sounds awfully close to an endorsement of prohibition:


Sin Taxes and the Welfare State

In the comments to E.D.’s post on a hypothetical tax on alcohol, Michael Drew writes: A significant portion of the negative externalities come in the form of medical costs from DUI and long-term disease,...


Grow your own?

Regarding the “grow your own policy” Mark Kleiman proposes, I have to say this is a very misguided approach.  While I love the notion of small, localized marijuana farmers, growing organic pot and sharing...