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AOC and “Squad” vs Nancy Pelosi

It’s a sign of how crazy the times have gotten that many libertarians and conservatives — including this one — now see Pelosi as the voice of reason.

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The Green New Deal Isn’t Ripe

So … that’s the GND. So what do I think of it? To be honest, I’d expect more out of a freshman year term paper.


The Dark History of Liberal Reform | New Republic

If Leonard didn’t have the quotes from prominent progressives to back up his claims, this would read like right-wing paranoia: The state’s most innocuous protections reframed as malevolent and ungodly social engineering. But his...


Triaxial Epistemology

By way of Popehat, Arnold Kling on a root problem with contemporary political discourse, summarized in the Wall Street Journal: Mr. Kling’s three “languages” are ways of talking about politics and government, and they...


9 Things Progressives Are NOT

1. Fascists: Progressives pushed for women’s suffrage and the direct election of senators. They generally pushed for a more inclusive, robust democratic community. Today’s progressives are pretty similar—they’re certainly not a movement trying to...


American Process and Its “Occasional Services to Liberalism”

Liberals endure much teasing for their inability to articulate just what liberalism means.  Even their best and brightest flounder at the task.  “[T]here is something deep within liberalism,” Michael Tomasky attempts, “that prevents it...


Progressivism’s American-ness

Over my last few posts on progressivism (here and here), I’ve made a fairly straightforward argument with three big claims: 1. Today’s conservatives consider progressives to be not just political opponents, but also un-American....


Waxing Un-American

Conor Williams is exasperated and disappointed with the response to his criticism of conservatives criticizing Progressivism.  I’ll excuse his missing my comments, set forth below, which answer his criticism directly.  But on re-reading Conor’s...


What Progressivism Is (Updated)

Back in 2010, Paul Ryan told Glenn Beck: …what I’ve been trying to do is indict the entire vision of progressivism because I see progressivism as the source, the intellectual source for the big...


Growing Market Demand For the Left’s IDEAS

I spend more time complaining about left-wing rhetorical ineptitude than anything else. It’s as close a raison d’être as I’ve got, other than my wife and son (who are infinitely more valuable companions). My hobby...


Wiring the Wonky Left’s Moral Compass

Thanks in no small part to Andrew Sullivan and Rod Dreher, my post last week on the “Wonky” American Left has generated some interesting discussion. Given that I’ve been unsuccessfully pushing this argument for...


No, Americans are not “operationally liberal”

Responding to my demurrer to “the old saw that Americans are ideologically conservative but operationally liberal,” Yeggmen sticks up for the saw:  what researchers have (repeatedly) done is get a bunch of people together...


Can the Occupy Movement Tackle Crony Capitalism?

In a comment on Shawn Gude’s previous post on the main page about the Occupy movement, I asked who the “1%” is and whether Occupy protesters were primarily aggrieved about “Wall Street,” or whether...


The Conscience of a Liberal

Despite modern liberalism’s sweeping scope, no one seems to know quite what it is. Liberalism appeared somewhere in the sixteenth century—“St. George, in the guise of Rationality,” as Kenneth Minogue puts it—to slay the...


Reclaiming Liberalism

Matt Yglesias responds to Freddie’s post on the dearth of truly left-wing voices in the blogosphere, and lists his own economic goals as a way to illustrate his own views on liberalism: More redistribution...


Nothing’s ever certain except race and taxes.

Andrew Sullivan has this map posted at the Dish today, which he found via Open Left.  What I take from Open Left’s analysis is that by and large white men are not all that progressive....


The New White City

I know this article on race and progressive cities has taken a lot of criticism, but its central observation – that liberal policies and homogeneous cities are closely correlated – seems pretty intuitive. Progressives...