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Waxing Un-American

Conor Williams is exasperated and disappointed with the response to his criticism of conservatives criticizing Progressivism.  I’ll excuse his missing my comments, set forth below, which answer his criticism directly.  But on re-reading Conor’s...


Progressives vs. Libertarians

I really think the two sides in this argument – the libertarians on the one hand and progressives on the other – simply have a very hard time understanding truly where the other is...


culture is everything (well, mostly everything)

“In short, liberals and conservatives refuse to see the areas in which they have common ground because far too often they simply cannot get past the cultural markers that prevent them from even listening...


Progressives for a value-added tax?

Via Megan McArdle is this interesting graph from the Congressional Budget Office showing the impact the recession has had on tax revenues, organized by type of tax: I am also surprised to see that...

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