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Gabbard 40

Rep Tulsi Gabbard Running for President

Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard announced she’s running for president in 2020. Or rather, she annoucned that she is going to announce in a released clip from her forthcoming interview with CNN’s Van Jones.

Left Intellectual 7

Self-Examining “Left Intellectual” Winning and Progressing

The process of self examining is a worthy and healthy one. When done correctly it should raise more questions that answers, and challenge thoughts that may have rutted from constant sameness. Regardless where you fall on the political spectrum, honest thought, or at the least the effort to be honest in thought, should be a common summit all of us should be endeavoring towards.


Triaxial Epistemology

By way of Popehat, Arnold Kling on a root problem with contemporary political discourse, summarized in the Wall Street Journal: Mr. Kling’s three “languages” are ways of talking about politics and government, and they...


The Secret Hearts of Politicians

Rojas spots a fun little contradiction: *If you believe that Barack Obama has spent the last decade hiding his secret beliefs on the subject of religion, and that his public stance on the matter...


Millman’s Taxonomy ctd.

William summarizes Millman’s taxonomy (and doesn’t that roll off the tongue? You almost want to capitalize ‘taxonomy’: Millman’s Taxonomy – as if it were some well established thing…) thusly: liberal vs. conservative (attitudes toward...