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Slummin’ in Appalachia

Invariably, this brand of poverty tourism results in another iteration of the same article that’s been written dozens of times already.

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Comment Rescue: The Underclass

In Avi Woolf’s Kevin Williamson’s Smallest World post, Brother Rufus wrote an insightful and incisive comment:


Ordinary World for 18 Oct 2018

Your Ordinary World Links for 18 Oct 2018, with stories from around the world and Throwback Thursday links to stories from the Ordinary Times Archive.

Why Poverty?

There are a lot of good causes out there. Why focus on poverty? For Poverty Awareness Month.

Poverty: Giving a Damn

It’s just awful hard for me to take the technocratically-minded conservative arguments especially seriously when it’s so evident that many conservatives — high-up ones, not just low-level activists — really don’t give a damn about poverty.

Driving Blind: One Xbox to Rule Them All

Slim pickings today because I spent so much time research the new #XBone and snarking it up with everyone else on Twitter. David Bezmozgis describes how he writes, including using Freedom to block the Internet...

The Other Half of New York City

For anyone living in New York City, or even vaguely familiar with the city and its mayor, this is not surprising news. But it’s still unwelcome: The rise in New York City’s poverty rate...

What Gives

It’s approaching a year since I’ve started looking for a means to financial security. This is a project I set out to documenting last July. The first few posts in the series concerned my...

Who Occupies the Occupiers?

I’m glad Mike Drew wrote a guest post. Mike’s comments are consistently the ones I meditate over most (which explains why I rarely respond to them while the thread is still active.), and Mike’s...

A Response to ‘Democracy, Coercion, and Liberty’

~by James Hanley Erik’s been trying to work out a question about the libertarian justification of the state, and so far it hasn’t gone well. His first attempts were not well understood, at least...

Found Conversation

SCENE: News footage of Occupy Boston protestors getting manhandled by police comes on screen, patrons at American Legion bar smirk and shake their heads. Bartender: Ya’know what these clowns want, do yah? Socialism! Socialism...

Just Crazy…

…but kind of expected. Here’s the part that speaks to me most:

Going Valjean

Balloon Juice defines “going Galt” as: Withdrawing one’s unique brilliance from the economy in protest of tax rates which are actually abnormally low for the post-war era. Discussed and encouraged by bloggers such as...

Nickel and Dimed Ten Years Later

TomDispatch has published Barbara Ehrenreich’s new afterword for the tenth anniversary of her now classic work Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America. Here is my favorite passage, although it’s definitely worth...

Bad prices, public spending, and poverty

Matt Yglesias points to this Heritage report that suggests the living standards of the poor have gotten better over the years so poverty isn’t really a big deal anymore. He writes: A serious person...