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Globalism vs Populism vs Empricism

A lot of people feel that the global economy has let them down. How do we figure out whether that is true, and what to do about it?


Shadow of populism hangs over Davos – FT.com

For the moment, the Davos mood on populism is more one of deep concern and uncertainty than full-blown panic. But the next 12 months will present a series of crucial tests.It is possible —...


Populism In a Nutshell, Again

This is a pretty minor story for anyone outside of Florida’s 19th district, Congress-critter-wise.  But I want to briefly touch on it because it underscores one of the inherent problems I’ve been talking about...


Voter Fraud & The Inherent Corruption in Populism

There’s nothing so democratic as a lynch mob, as concerned citizens of Ohio and Pennsylvania have recently shown. In Pennsylvania this week, a judge upheld Act 18-2012, the now-famous piece of anti-voter-fraud legislation. Voter...


Egyptian Protesters March in Support of Occupy Oakland

Protesters in Egypt marched from Tahrir Square to the US Embassy to protest recent police violence in Oakland, CA where riot police descended on the Occupy Oakland encampment earlier this week, arresting many of the protesters...


More thoughts on Lind’s Neo-Jacksonians

Image via Wikipedia I apologize in advance for the liberal use of quotes in this post, but I wanted to add a few thoughts on the Lind piece I linked to yesterday.  Lind makes...


Revisiting Millman’s Taxonomy

Unlike Lisa, I’m hesitant to describe populism as a complete ideology. The characteristics of American populism she identifies – evangelism, a healthy skepticism towards meritocratic achievement, a reverence for the “ordinary” – are certainly...


Matt Bai’s strange populism

Couple of pieces caught my attention this week, the first on a “new American populism” by Matt Bai, and the second, a response by Michael Kazin: Bai: Most Democrats, after all, persist in embracing...


Who’s Afraid of a Populist Party?

Could a populist political party be good for America? Jon Chait points to some fascinating data that suggests it would appeal to the views of many Americans: The most thorough breakdown of the electorate...


Liberaltarianism is dead

“I don’t want to say that liberaltarianism is dead. But is it endangered? Sure. It deserves to be.” ~ Jason Kuznicki I think the hopes placed in the Obama administration by libertarians have been...


The politics of pettiness ctd.

Scott has a thoughtful follow-up to my anti-pettiness screed.  I want to point out, however, that far more than the problems with populism, I was writing about the problems with elites manipulating it for...


The politics of pettiness

I’ve been trying to get at the heart of what bothers me so much about contemporary conservative politics & discourse these days. The closest I can come to an answer is that conservatives have...


A united progressive/tea-party front

I can see where Jane Hamsher’s tea-party/populist left united front thing could seem appealing as a movement against something (the no-good politicians in Congress and their corporate special-interest shenanigans).  


The Acid Test for Conservative Populism

A few weeks ago, The Nation had a great editorial on breaking up the banks: The heart of our predicament is the Too Big to Fail (TBTF) problem. Banks have grown so large that...


Beck’s Moment

The interesting thing about Glenn Beck is that aside from being completely crazy, his substantive views on policy (if someone like Beck can be described as having substantive views on anything) are about as...


Prospects for Reclaiming Intellectual Conservatism

I read Steven Hayward’s article on intellectual conservatism with some interest, mainly because I thought Hayward – as a scholar with the American Enterprise Institute and frequent contributor to The Weekly Standard – would...