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Jon Huntsman is the Perfect Republican Candidate

“New Hampshire Republicans and undeclared voters who want to field a candidate with broad appeal and the capability and credibility to have a shot at beating President Obama have three choices: putative frontrunner Mitt...


Parliaments and Republics

In my introductory post I stated that one of the things I thought I could bring to The League was an outsider’s perspective to American debates.  Since the relative merits of parliamentary democracy vs....


Geography, Politics, and Arrogance

Last week, Erik and I had a fun discussion about the role of geography in shaping one’s political opinions, what this means for Erik’s arguments for competitive federalism and localism, and the way in...


You say Obama, I say Osama

I read this post over at The Dish and quite honestly thought it said “Obama” and not “Osama.”  Which changes everything, of course.  Read the following passage substituting the word Osama with Obama: Paul...


Another response to Conor

[moved to an earlier time, off the sidebar, yada yada yada…] “Perhaps we’re getting at what puzzles and galls me so much about recent posts at The League of Ordinary Gentlemen about how dissident...


But What Are You For? The Death of Modern Movement Conservatism

I had the good fortune yesterday afternoon to attend a panel discussion on the future of conservatism featuring Ross Douthat, David Frum, Daniel Larison, and Virginia Postrel.  It was a rather enlightening discussion, but...

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