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Conversations With Caricatures Who Hate Me

Dylan Marron’s highly anticipated new podcast promises to provide greater understanding across the political divide. Instead, it makes bank off of making that divide even more entrenched.


Podcast: Oscar Night at the League

Here at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen, we’re doing our part to help kill off serious film criticism. I sat down with distinguished League alumnus Freddie deBoer and Sonny Bunch of America’s Future Foundation...


Podcast: Holiday Movie Edition

Blogging is going to be pretty slow around these parts for the next few days, but before everyone disconnects for Christmas, we’ve got a year-in-review movie podcast for your enjoyment. I’m joined by Freddie...


Podcast: Conspiracy Nation

I was able to persuade Steven Harris of Mary Washington College – one of my favorite undergraduate professors – to record a podcast on the Obama “Birther” movement. We also covered media fragmentation, the...

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