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Why I’m Done With Protests

Today, I’ll admit I have no idea what an effective form of protest looks like, but getting together as a group with signs and props feels archaic and useless, almost as if it was invented by those who want any dissent to be easily dismissed.


Linky Friday #72

Linky Friday: categories this week are sports and culture, art and nature, economics and politics, and war and peace.


Ron Paul and the racist newsletter

Mistermix asks: Both ED Kain and he-who-shall-not-be-named have endorsed Paul for President as a protest vote. Since I’m not a serious thinker, I’m free of the weighty obligation to endorse someone in the GOP primary. But for those serious folks, I...


Why I Will Be Voting for Ron Paul in 2012

Ron Paul is often described as a crank. Even folks like Ross Douthat who write basically sympathetic columns about the congressman from Texas say things like, “Paul, for all his crankishness, is the kind...


Welcome to the Moorfield Storey Institute

Longtime online friend Jim Peron launched a new project over the weekend — a blog for the Moorfield Storey Institute. Here are some highlights from the first few posts: The classical liberal founders of...


Peace in the Middle East

Well, not exactly, but if you want to set down that cynicism for a moment, this could be the beginning of something perhaps sort of resembling a peace…