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So. That Happened.

In which Burt Likko tries to convince you, and himself, that it’s not going to be that bad.


Are Rubio and Ryan Serious About Inequality?

David Graham of The Atlantic has a good piece wondering whether we should take seriously the recent murmurs of GOP rebranding emanating from the Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio camps. The basis for the speculation is a Politico...


Nate Silver Himself Is the Entity to Be Analyzed

I love Nate Silver. I love his steady analysis of staggering reams of data. I love his measured treatment of complicated electoral possibilities. I love that he talks in terms of probabilities instead of...


What Progressivism Is (Updated)

Back in 2010, Paul Ryan told Glenn Beck: …what I’ve been trying to do is indict the entire vision of progressivism because I see progressivism as the source, the intellectual source for the big...


Three Things About Paul Ryan as Romney’s VP Pick

I loathe Ryan, not least of all because I can now no longer sit in front of the telly (my Netflix queue has been full of British sitcoms) and let my frustration reservedly smolder as I watch the...


What Paul Ryan Is For

(Note: This post is NOT part of our current Democracy Symposium. If you want to follow the Symposium – and you should! – you can find the posts here.) If you read one piece of...


Paul Ryan?

Paul Ryan. The most serious cat in Washington.


The Non-Wonky Institutional Left?

Regular League readers know about my professional hobby horse: leftists usually make thin, wonky arguments instead of explaining the moral principles involved. Goes like this: But if the eclipse of the new progressive era...


Paul Ryan Week Continues

Ross Douthat’s piece on Paul Ryan’s position within the Republican Party is almost as worthwhile as the Ezra Klein interview I linked earlier.  I know that we’re rapidly reaching overkill on Paul Ryan this...


Klein vs. Ryan

This discussion/interview between Ezra Klein and Rep. Paul Ryan is the best thing I’ve seen in the health care debate in months.  Given Ryan’s position as a GOP point man on health care reform,...


Paul Ryan’s Budget

“If Obama’s efforts to create a viable regulatory framework in which individuals can buy private health insurance (a) pass congress, and (b) turn out to work well and be popular, then you can imagine...