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A Polish Joke

The whole point was to see myself through other eyes, note the differences in perception, and try to understand where they come from.


Not OK With Losing OK

The hacks and grifters were determined to make an innocent gesture into an evil one. And now they’ve succeeded. So … congratulations, I guess.

John McCain

The John McCain Character Test

The news that Sen. John McCain will no longer seek medical treatment for his illness brings about a chance to use the sometimes controversial Senator as a test of character. Not his, ours.

You are Going to Die

Is it possible that the idea of death tickling at the back of our mind is pushing us to be more ideologically rigid as our population ages? Is fear driving our new partisan gulf? As a thought experiment let’s be brave and think about death for just a moment.

After Trump

Comity, good faith, and bi-partisanship are at an end. How should the Democratic Party conduct itself after Trump?

Talking past one another on partisanship

Okay. So everyone is right and everyone is talking past one another. I responded to James Fallows yesterday, who was responding to Ross Douthat on his column about partisanship. Daniel Larison weighed in twice...

Forget viability. What about competence?

A quick question about the O’Donnell win in Delaware: At what point does a candidate’s personal problems or demonstrable lack of competence become a reason not to vote for them? O’Donnell really does seem...

Rule of Three

This poll analysis confirms a lot of things that have been fairly obvious for quite some time: 1) young voters are liberal on social issues and lack a go-to ideology on economic issues; 2)...

In defense of snark

I have to disagree with many of the recent responses to Freddie’s attack on Robert Stacy McCain, namely his use of snark and less than kind words on the subject of Palin-worship, the recent...

not everyone who says he’s your friend is your friend

So here’s my dilemma. Real partisanship, I mean real, nasty, cut-off-the-country’s-nose-to-spite-the-other-side’s-face partisanship, can be fun, as the average college Republican can tell you. But among it’s many, many downsides is the fact that you...

compromising yourself into the discussion

I feel like Ross is sort of missing the point concerning Matt Yglesias’s post that he quotes. To me, the central point of Matt’s post isn’t that deficits don’t matter in a time of...

Authority, Empathy, and Power

A while ago I attempted to wade through some of the differences I noticed between Cultural or Civilization Conservatives, and Fundamentalist Social Conservatives, perhaps because I was worried that too often members of both...

Painting in broad strikes

Helen Rittlemeyer thinks I’m talking trash about her kind of conservatism.  In a previous post, I wrote: Often cultural conservatives are also religious, and consider religion to be an integral part of their civilization,...