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The Presidential Power of Printing Passports

When a Supreme Court Justice calls an entire city a “delicate subject,” there’s pretty much only one city he could be talking about. Burt Likko breaks down today’s division-of-powers decision.


Helen Thomas is really, really old

John Cole posts this video (an expanded version of the one stirring up all this controversy) of Helen Thomas answering some questions about Israel and journalism: Well, it’s not exactly the most sensitive thing...


One State to Rule Them All?

In the comments to my earlier post on Israel/Palestine, North and Michael Drew got into a very intelligent (and spirited) back and forth. Michael eventually wrote the following (way down in the thread of...


More Voices for a Nonbelligerency Process

Roger Cohen is on board with ending the Peace Process and moving to a de facto ceasefire (though admittedly still pretty awful ) in Israel-Palestine.  Money quote:


The Mideast Peace, Make That, Nonbelligerency Process

Rob Malley and Hussein Agha have a very thought-provoking piece in the New York Review of Books (h/t Marc Lynch) concerning the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.  In effect, they argue that the peace process is...


In which I reveal my Loyalist sympathies

Via Spencer Ackerman is George Gilder’s pretty reprehensible argument in favor of Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories: [KATHRYN JEAN] LOPEZ: What do you mean these wretched refugees benefited from Israel? GILDER: The key period...


Peace in the Middle East

Well, not exactly, but if you want to set down that cynicism for a moment, this could be the beginning of something perhaps sort of resembling a peace…


One way forward for the West Bank

by max socol In the bowels of ED Kain’s most recent Israel prophecy, there’s a (pleasantly civil) debate swirling around the security implications of a West Bank withdrawal. As I mentioned there, it reminded...


The Madman of Tehran

Moses Maimonides, the famous Jewish physician and theologian of Medieval Cordoba, had a tendency to refer to the Muslim Prophet Mohammad as “the madman.”  Maimonides had reasons abundant to use this term.  The Jews...



Via Andrew, Chris Hitchens has some harsh words for Israeli settlers in the West Bank: Peering over the horrible pile of Palestinian civilian casualties that has immediately resulted, it’s fairly easy to see where...


The Un-American Conservative

Noah Pollock is in rare form in this Commentary Post – utilizing all the tired, typical old strawmen and red herrings against “paleos” and the unabashedly critical conservative voices at the American Conservative magazine...


Israel, Alone

There is something remarkable and frightening about the fact that Avigdor Lieberman’s Party, Yisrael Beiteinu, came in third in Israel’s recent parliamentary elections, gaining 15 seats in the Knesset, only 13 fewer than Tipi...


Tough Love

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, it is the settlements more than anything else that prevent a two-state solution from being realized.  Whereas the Palestinians have no true guiding authority to end, once and...


Policy and Dissent

Max Socol is unhappy with our initial foray into the Israel/Palestine debate: Moral arguments concerning Israel and Palestine may be of incidental interest (i.e., did Israel commit war crimes in Gaza? Who is to...


The Ottoman Counterfactual

I offer up this alternate history for consideration: What if the Ottoman Empire had not fallen, or crumbled rather, in the wake of World War I?  What if, on the other hand, the Turkish...


our changing media and the future for Israel

Although I richly deserve a reputation as something of a polemicist, I’d like to think that I am not so shrill a partisan that I don’t admit that times have changed. In the beginning...