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Swervedriver in Ottawa

Ottawa readers should probably come and see Swervedriver at Zaphod Beeblebrox tonight with me. (Non-Ottawa readers are welcome, too, but I imagine the logistics might be complicated.)

Ottawa Shootings

As many of you are certainly aware of by now, there have been multiple shootings in Ottawa, my hometown. The shootings occurred at the War Memorial and at Parliament Hill. The downtown core is...


City Scars

Allow me to get a little provincial for a moment… actually, a little municipal. At The Ottawa Citizen, I cover the topic of a cancelled bridge project and the effects on one particular community, Lowertown...


Lemonade, Taxis, Victims and a Comment Rescue or Two

In a recent post by Tod about privilege, a discussion emerged regarding the role of government in providing privilege via the enforcement of monopolies. As noted, such privilege does not just belong to the...

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