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Wednesday Writs for 6/24

A tale of two headlines: Why Trump Keeps Losing at the Supreme Court vs. How the Supreme Court is Quietly Enabling Trump and other law tidbits

Amendment 4

SCOTUS Upholds Ohio’s Voter Purge Practices

The case involved the practice in Ohio of purging voters who have not voted in several years and who fail to return a notice card confirming their address. The case, Husted v Randolph Institute, et al., concerned whether the practice violated the National Voter Registration Act. SCOTUS says it does not.

Ohio: The Fulcrum

Imagine a world where the leadership of the free world rests in the hands of one man from Ohio.

A man named… Rob Portman.

Voter Fraud Wheels A’ Spinning

I noted last summer how massive attempts to confront “voter fraud” were actually an example of the inherent corruption populist movements breed.  Finding a way to make voters on both sides recognize this before...

Hate Crimes on the Razor’s Edge

by Glyph Last week, sixteen Amish men and women in Ohio were convicted of federal Hate Crimes and could serve several decades in Federal prison for cutting the hair and beards of other Amish in the...

Voter Fraud & The Inherent Corruption in Populism

There’s nothing so democratic as a lynch mob, as concerned citizens of Ohio and Pennsylvania have recently shown. In Pennsylvania this week, a judge upheld Act 18-2012, the now-famous piece of anti-voter-fraud legislation. Voter...