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Insurance 101: Obamacare Edition

Later this week I’ll be posting an argument that is against Obamacare but for healthcare reform. Consider this post reference material you’ll need to know for that post.


A Question…

At the risk of receiving a public flogging during my next Whole Foods visit, I must ask… On the radio, I’ve heard many people talk about how they are going to save money now...


It’s Time to Unbundle Health Insurance and Health Care

John C. Goodman in his book Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis argues that Obamacare will not make health care better or more affordable because it doubles down on the same genetic defects as before–the ill-conceived bundling of health care and health insurance. Reformers opposed to Obamacare will be unable to propose a real solution until they see the problem.


Of Radicals and Liberals

It won’t come as a surprise that I tend to agree with Shawn’s assessment of mainstream liberalism’s relationship to its leftier-than-thou radicals. In the comments though, NewDealer’s remark helps crystalize the real conflict,


Medicaid in Oregon: Does it Really Matter?

God help me, I just don’t understand conservatives sometimes. I disagree with them most of the time, but I usually understand where they’re coming from. But sometimes my best acts of imagination pale in...

Obamacare’s Bad Politics

With the implementation of Obamacare soon to really begin in-earnest, some conservatives have begun preemptively crowing over what they’re convinced will be a disastrous transition period. Considering they’ve spent the past three years gumming...


Ben Smith Doesn’t Understand How Insurance Works

In a post over at BuzzFeed that makes me want to pound my head against my desk, Ben Smith proves that highly visible political pundits can write regularly about health insurance from 2009-2013 and...


Health Care Is Not About Numbers

Romney made news today, at least in the left-of-center blogosphere, with the claim that, “[N]o one in this country dies because they don’t have health insurance” (an assertion I’d argue the former Governor of...


Timothy Sandefur at PLF

My friend Timothy Sandefur just happens to be one of the country’s leading libertarian public-interest attorneys. He’s doing some great work explaining and commenting on the Obamacare case at the Pacific Legal Foundation’s blog....


The Toothless Mandate?

Commenter Boegiboe writes: I’m really confused about this whole health care fine stuff. Can someone (preferably a lawyer or law student) please explain what is wrong with FactCheck.org’s analysis of this law? It seems...


Replies on Compulsory Insurance

B-Rob offers “A simple explanation as to why the [individual mandate] is constitutional,” via the general welfare clauses, which allow Congress to pass “all Laws” that work toward “promot[ing] . . . the general...


Hayek and Obamacare: Some Context

My colleague Will Wilkinson deflects the claim that because Friedrich Hayek supported some form of a state-run health insurance system, Obamacare should be just fine even to market purists: Obamacare builds upon and consolidates...


Obama’s Well Nigh Impossible Wed. Night Task

President Obama’s two biggest problems politically are 1. a frankly crazy and irresponsible minority GOP party (with plenty of enablers to be sure) and 2. His own party affiliation. In the immortal words of...


Medicare vs. Obamacare

[updated below] Andrew Biggs crunches some numbers on Medicare over at the AEI blog.   Contra Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann and others adopting the new “Obamacare vs. Medicare” talking points, Biggs rightly points out...


French Fried Health Care Philosophy

From the Wiki from Jean Baudrillard (I know it’s a wiki but this is pretty good)–my emphasis In contrast to poststructuralists such as Foucault, for whom the formations of knowledge emerge only as the...