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The Real Miscarriage of Justice

Below, Ned rightly derides Rep. Peter King for calling the verdict in the Ghailani trial a “total miscarriage of justice.”  Ned correctly notes that the miscarriage of justice here was not the verdict itself,...


A “Total Miscarriage of Justice”

Image via Wikipedia That’s how incoming House homeland security chair Pete King described the Ghailani trial. Ghailani (pictured) was, of course, found guilty on only one of the 285 charges brought against him, and...


If You Can’t Win the Argument, Pretend it Doesn’t Exist

Spencer Ackerman on the Obama administration’s legal justification for drone strikes: In March, the State Department’s legal adviser gave a speech asserting that the strikes are legal, not demonstratingwhy they are. The closest that Harold Koh...


Honduras: Reclaiming the American Sphere of Influence

While I took much issue with the Obama Administration’s initial response to the Honduran crisis in July, and especially the severe sanctions imposed, which achieve little more than hurting an already desperately poor population, I must...


Politics over Freedom, Ctd

Via Doug Mataconis, Andrew Coulson finds yet another one of those “little incidents” that add up to a pattern of choosing politics over respect for freedoms:


The Obama Administration and the Bill of Rights

For a long while last year, I flirted with the idea of voting for Obama.  But after he showed a lack of backbone on warrantless wiretapping and the Libertarian Party nominated a reasonably serious...


The President’s War on Fox

Transplanted Lawyer has the first – and thus far, only – truly sane take I’ve seen on the matter.  I was thinking about writing a post on this subject, but T.L.’s post says all...