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Thursday Throughput: Nuclear Explosion Edition

So if you are standing next to a nuclear bomb, you will experience conditions similar to the core of the Sun. But…don’t worry. You won’t experience them for very long.

Cooler Than Lukewarm

Looking for suggestions in the decidedly unlikely event of lunch with a member of Congress.

Don’t Be a Tellarite

“Tellarites do not argue for any reason; they simply argue.” –Ambassador Sarek On the “censorship” front: Here @ LoOG BlaiseP nukes a Tellarite; even the usually gentle Dr. Saunders goes to DefCon 2 on...

This Month’s Cato Unbound

This month’s Cato Unbound is on one of those counterintuitive topics that I’ve taken a great deal of interest in lately. By the numbers, the world is increasingly at peace. Most people probably wouldn’t...