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Driving Blind: Detain and Hold

In the UK, government officials threaten legal action against a newspaper for reporting on state secrets. In the U.S., the executive editor of The New York Times does a Q&A on, among other things, why she’s not actually a mean person.

Thank You Mr. Snowden, Also You Are a Coward and a Scoundrel

Conor Friedersdorf is calling out a particular kind of illogic in his recent post on “Privacy Moderates.” Specifically, he cites those who think both that the current surveillance regime needs to be altered and...

Anonymous Source Says

The APs Kimberly Dozier reports that two anonymous officials and one unnamed “lawmaker” believe terrorist groups have altered how they communicate since the information contained in Edward Snowden’s leaks became public.

Circling the Drain in the NSA Surveillance Debate

(The middle section of this post is a thorough re-statement and critique of David Simon’s argument that their are few “legitimate” concerns that can be raised regarding the NSA’s collection of metadata and web...

Snowden is an Idiot and Possibly a Traitor

Time permitting, I’ll try to comment on Charlie Rose’s interview with President Obama. Meanwhile, here’s a post up at The Atlantic by Matt Schiavenza. Both what he has to say, and the comment section below...