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North and South Korea Pledge Peace

Technically still at war, the leaders of North and South Korea met at the Demilitarized Zone, shook hands, and symbolically crossed the low concrete barrier to start a historic summit.


Dealing with the DPRK

Image via Wikipedia Given that I’m very far from an expert on East Asian politcs — and that North Korea is the most opaque nation on the planet — I recognize a certain need...


NoKo Strategery

On the new AmConMag blog Post-Right (which you should really read), Jack Ross writes: I’d like to offer a theory about Kim Jong Il’s behavior – that he’s clumsily trying to imitate the shrewd...


Mario Loyola is making sense

Here’s a sober response to North Korea’s latest provocation: Because we are not willing to starve the poor North Koreans, and because Kim Jong-Il is even less willing to give up his nuclear weapons...


Plain Wrong

Governor Mark Sanford in The American Conservative, March 2009 (emphasis mine): He also deviates from the Republican line on foreign policy. In Congress, he opposed Clinton’s intervention in Kosovo. And he was one of...