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Washington Redskins 74

They Who Must Not Be Named

Today I realized I’m tired of the fight over the “Redskins” name, tired of citing Ives Goddard, and tired of taking positions on the polls.


Kazzy was wrong! A lot! Just like he predicted. Does that mean he was right?

Even a broken clock…

As Tod predicted last week, after a week of ratings-boosting scandal coverage ESPN has decided it’s time to protect its investment with the NFL.

Playoff Rankings!

Here are my final NFL power rankings of the regular season, focusing just on those teams that are making the playoffs.  Because, honestly, does anyone really care where the Tampa Bay Bucs rank?

How ‘Bout This?

With Rob Gronkowski destroying his knee on a perfectly legal low hit, there is some rumbling in NFL circles about whether such hits should be, in fact, legal.  Despite some defenders predicting that just...