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Jim Justice 12

Big Jim vs The Corona

When West Virginia’s governor “Big Jim” Justice speaks, the residents hold our breath to see what sort of colorful (read: embarrassing) babble will come out

Stephen Glass Update

So, that Stephen Glass guy. Tried to become a lawyer. Whatever happened to him?

Lies, Damned Lies, and Bar Applications

A few thoughts on recovering one’s reputation for good moral character from very public past misdeeds. There should both a skeptical eye cast towards those who have been dishonest in the past and room for redemption from mistakes made in the past — but when does the latter overcome the former? Is it enough to have stayed out of trouble?

1,776 Feet

Construction workers bolted a communications spire atop the New World Trade Center in Manhattan today, bringing the still-under-construction skyscraper to its final height of 1,776 feet. Rightly: New York has rebuilt, and are taller and better than before....

So, what’d I miss?

Aloha, everyone! I’m just coming up for air after having spent a two-week vacation on the East coast, where I spent time in Manhattan, Connecticut and the Berkshires.  In each place I stayed, there...

Picture of the day

People use these words to justify a lot of things. Oftentimes, I think they’re misused, or warped in a fundamental, definitional way to mean exactly the opposite of what they actually mean. At a...

The City That Never Sleeps – Or Shrinks

I enjoyed David’s defense of New York’s cultural dominance far more than I probably should have, and agree wholeheartedly.  This despite the fact that, as a kid – and even into my early 20s...