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Lawrence Lessig and Clickbait Defamation

Lessig is suing because he made multiple points in his article and the NYT made a headline out of only one of them and it wasn’t the most important point he made.

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Bret Stephens Unites the Internet

The New York Times Columnist Bret Stephens ignited the interwebs with his latest op-ed on Ashkenazi Jews which, among other things, cites some highly questionable sourcing.

In Defense of “Lodestar”

The Anonymous Writer to the New York Times is not a Patriot, but he’s not a Coward either.

Questions From the Headlines

When headline writers use questions, Burt Likko answers them. Briefly, completely, and unabashedly expressing his own opinion. Ten questions about politics, the business of news, news of business, and grizzly bears.

The Inevitable Result of New Journalism

Charles Johnson’s wild success at becoming the latest Folk Hero/Bad Boy D’Jour isn’t happening despite the latest trends in journalism. It’s happening because he’s better at them than everyone else.

A Vast Silence

The New York Times ran a story that took Burt Likko’s breath away in outrage when he read it last night. But apparently, he’s pretty much the only one.

Celebrating The Judiciary

In which Burt Likko envies Canada for its annual commemoration of courts expanding individual rights.

A good idea packaged wrong

President Obama is looking to strike another deal, using the corporate tax rate as a bargaining chip, but is this really the way to get economic growth?

The Inequality President

Reading the interview, you get the impression of a guy already trying to define the way his presidency is interpreted and his immediate post-presidency is understood.

Fathers Aren’t Mothers

Over at the New York Times, Katrin Beinnhold writes about the experience her husband and she had when they reversed typical gender roles as parents: I did something countless men do — in the...

Gettysburg’s Headlines, Day Two (Don’t Worry, Be Happy)

On July 3, the New York Times announced its possession of “VERY IMPORTANT NEWS: Further Particulars of the Battle Near Gettysburg on Wednesday.”  The item that follows isn’t what the reader of a contemporary...

According to David Brooks, All Morality is Local

I normally try to stay away from taking pot shots at David Brooks columns, but today’s raises a question that informs a lot of my political critique and which I reflect on a lot personally....

Quick, turn on E! so we can see if he’s dating JWoww!

Color me utterly uninterested that Rick Santorum uttered a naughty word or barked at a New York Times reporter. But since it appears we have to be forced to micro-focus on such non-events during elections...

When the Fourth Estate Fails

Reading the article by Eric Schmitt that ran in last Sunday’s New York Times under the headline, “Lull in Strikes by U.S. Drones Aids Militants in Pakistan,” one gets a sense of just how...


That’s the title of The New York Times’ series on The Civil War, which is highly recommended. Here’s a great entry on Virginia, the (relatively) urbanized and cosmopolitan “North of the South” during the...

Andrew Sullivan spins and spins

In yet another misleading and emotionally driven post, Andrew Sullivan attempts to spin the decision to suspend the canonical trial of Father Lawrence Murphy into a cover-up by then Cardinal Ratzinger. This despite the...