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On a Year Commuting by Train and Bike

For over a year, I have been commuting by train and bike from my home in Santa Rosa to South Marin County. This change in how I get to and from work has allowed for reflection on what it means to construct livability in our towns and cities.


Peak Growth?

David Roberts has an excellent conversation with…well he’s got voices in his head (Smith and Daly) having an internal dialogue over a very important question: Can we keep growing the economy in light of...


The top ten least bohemian cities

Tyler Cowen ponders the least bohemian cities in the world and the United States, prompted by a reader who asks: I have a blog request: a list of the top ten least bohemian cities...


Folk wisdom and the tyranny of the experts

[updated below] I’ve been thinking about birth a great deal lately. This is likely because birth in my family is just around the corner. Our second is due in July. In any case, all...


aesthetics in everything

I stayed at a quaint bed and breakfast this weekend in a charming old mining town on a little mountain in the desert.  It’s now home to dozens of artists and artisans – painters,...


pet projects

So Dan Miller critiqued me and conservatives in general for not talking about health policy enough, and he’s right.  We haven’t.  Part of this is because when it comes to government planning there is...


localism vs neighborhood-ism

I have to admit, I haven’t been following the dust-up between the First Thingers/ Pomocons and the Front Porchers all that closely.  But I must say, that what I have read has been some...


To Helmet or Not to Helmet?

David has some interesting musings up on the Dutch bicycle, the sublime, and the pros and cons of wearing a helmet whilst cycling.  Personally, I’m a helmet guy.  However ineffective helmets may be, I...


Front Porch Republic

So this is a neat new site for any of you who may read Daniel Larison, Rod Dreher, Patrick J. Deneen and the many other conservative writers who make up Front Porch Republic.  I’m...