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Explaining Soccer

Mike Dwyer asked us to explain the appeal of soccer. Here’s my attempt, using a goal the Netherlands’ Robin Van Persie scored today. First watch the video of the goal, then I’ll break it...


Meet the Teams: Holland

By their orange you shall know them. Although the Dutch flag is red, white, and blue, the royal family is from the House of Orange-Nassau.* The House of Orange knows how to do modern...


Peter Singer Is Wrong

The famed bioethicist nods in approval at a Dutch politician’s assertion that animal rights trump religious freedom.  This was occasioned by ongoing attempts in the Netherlands to ban traditional Jewish and Muslim practices of animal slaughter....


Austerity On The Run

I wanted to flag this before it became too much Old News. Andrew Sullivan, still a self-described conservative and a tireless deficit hawk, has looked to the events in Europe and concluded that austerity —...

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