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Tiger King: America’s Newest Obsession

Never before have I watched a documentary where several of the interview subjects say things that are potentially incriminating. It is like a prosecutor’s wet dream.


Will Streaming Ever Replace Cable?

The advent of streaming gave people hope that we could at long last be freed from the tyranny of the cable bundle. Sadly, for most of us, the dream goes unfulfilled.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror!

All 20 Black Mirror Episodes, Ranked.

Feminism, Lost in Space

Lost in Space is an enjoyable watch your whole family can enjoy and I felt represented by it in a way that I oftentimes don’t.

Up the Creek

The show could resort to the expected obvious jokes when these characters meet the salt of the earth townsfolk of Schitt’s creek. But the surprise here is how the show manages to only skirt the cheap gags and predictable slapstick and reveals some heart beneath the trite veneer.

The Defenders Is Thoroughly Ehh

Netflix’s and Marvel’s The Defenders is underwhelming, underpowered, and unimpressive. And yet, it might one day not be.

Dear Boycotting People

No, I’m not going to be boycotting Netflix over their new series, Dear White People. And neither should anyone else.

Daredevil and Elektra Have A Conversation

“I’m from Hell’s Kitchen!” says Daredevil. “Have I mentioned that about myself?”

“Only about 50,000 times,” says Elektra.


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Context Matters: Netflix’s Daredevil

If you think about Daredevil within the broader limits of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, your brain will explode like that one guy’s that Kingpin smashed in his vehicle’s door. So don’t do that.

What (New) Documentaries Should People Watch?

I haven’t watched one in a while, and though I lean towards the political type, or those documentaries which depict the worst kinds of social injustice, I’m willing to take a spin outside my wheel...

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