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A Public (Policy) Service Announcement

For whatever it’s worth, the FCC has released the full text of its Title II Reclassification… (Link and full text of the new regulations after the break.)


Odds and Ends

I wanted to quickly highlight Publius’ response to my post the other day on net neutrality.  It’s a useful response that reinforces a key point that I was trying to make: if “reduced government...


Net Neutrality, Libertarianism, and Free Information

Publius/John Blevins at Obsidian Wings has written quite a bit over the years about the issue of net neutrality.  For the most part, I’ll admit, the discussion has largely made my eyes glaze over...


(Not) Disproving Public Choice

Last week, the Blogger Still Known As Publius wrote a nice piece arguing that the potential-to-likely passage of net neutrality, a public health care option, and energy reform disprove, or at least have a...