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Briefly, On Watching Basketball and Advertising

I’ve been watching the NBA playoffs this year. The matchups have been good, but not great, and some of the teams that I’ve wanted to advance — San Antonio, I’m looking at you –...


The San Antonio Spurs Have Won Their 5th NBA Title

The San Antonio Spurs have won their fifth title in the last fifteen years, a remarkable level of achievement, especially considering the way that they’ve done it, winning with a mix of stunning international...


Free Speech Is Dead, Donald Sterling Edition

First, it was Brendan Eich, a heroic American whose only alleged transgression was lending financial support to a political movement explicitly predicated on the idea that gays were a threat to the safety and...


It’s Time for Donald Sterling to Go

The NBA can survive with all kinds of bad behavior by owners. But it can’t survive owners being caught on tape warning their girlfriends against associating with African Americans, or insisting that African Americans not be brought to their NBA basketball games.


Win the NBA Trivia Challenge and Rule My Gravatar!

Believe it or not, we’re now less than week away from the start of the new NBA season. After last year’s lockout debacle, it’s especially comforting to know I’ll have my League Pass to help...


The Best Journalism of 2009

I’d like to nominate this Vlade Divac profile for Conor Friedersdorf’s annual “best of” compilation.


“I had to get my book game back up”

An entertaining article on the reading habits of NBA players, international and homegrown alike. On a related note, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson distributes  books to his players every season; here’s this year’s list.


Quote of the Day

“What the heck is Yahoo? Is it one of those computer things? Is that like Twittering?” – The inimitable Gregg Popovich, demonstrating his technological savvy right before tip-off.


Don’t disenfranchise foreign NBA fans

In lieu of discussing more serious matters (Citizens United, health care, “Jersey Shore”), I’d like to direct your attention to the pressing issue of NBA All Star voting. After Tracy McGrady’s hobbled corpse nearly...


NBA Finals Open Thread

Got any wild predictions? Irresponsible betting advice? An over/under for the number of times Kobe sneers at no one in particular after draining another nasty jumper? I’m tentatively picking the Lakers in six, but...