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Linky Friday #155: Fear

This week: Money, Crime, Government, Nature, Health, Brains!

Stressed? Take a hike!

A new study confirms what you probably already assumed: going for a walk relieves stress.

Questions From the Headlines

When headline writers use questions, Burt Likko answers them. Briefly, completely, and unabashedly expressing his own opinion. Ten questions about politics, the business of news, news of business, and grizzly bears.

Linky Friday #72

Linky Friday: categories this week are sports and culture, art and nature, economics and politics, and war and peace.

The Development of Sex, Marriage, and Nature in Christian Thought

“To have intercourse without intending children is to violate nature, which we must take as our teacher.”  – Clement of Alexandria Throughout many traditions of Christian thought, theologians have taken nature, by which they’ve...

Depicting Christians

Over at the Atlantic, Eleanor Barkhorn complains that the closeted young Christian characters of Blue Like Jazz depict rather than shatter stereotypes about evangelical Christians in the movies. For her, the promise of the movie...

My Quick Take on The Martin-Zimmerman Incident

  This is mostly a “clearing the deck” post. I realized earlier today that I have not participated in most of the discussions regarding what happened in Sanford, and so here it is: I...

The Future of Mankind

Jason and Russell have some Big Thoughts about the future fate of mankind. And Russell beat me to making a call-out to one of the Biggest Thoughts of them all. So instead, I’ll offer...