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impeachment 138

About Last Night: Impeachment Edition

So now we have an impeached president, a pending senate trial whose machinations are uncertain even if the outcome is not, and oh-by-the-way the Iowa caucuses and rest of the presidential primary is relentlessly coming towards us.

Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon at Madame Toussaud's in London

Kangaroo Court

The movement to impeach President Trump is in some respects a movement for a kangaroo court. But we should support it anyway.

The Class of ’06

There are some good things to be said about absorbing periodic electoral “shellackings.”  For one thing, it gives the shellacked party an opportunity to reflect a bit, to let internal battles sort themselves out,...

reductio ad absurdum

This is just nonsense.  I swear, as hapless as the Democrats may be, every time John Boehner opens his mouth I realize just how much more pathetic the Republicans are.  In the midst of...