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How My Daughter Taught Me to Love Myth-Making

Today my daughter would have been four years old. Though Vivian is no longer with us, we will celebrate her birthday this evening, lighting a candle, and in its glow, dine and sing and...


Being in Uncertainty

Claire Creffield, an atheist who finds that, sometimes, “invoking the concept of God seems a very compelling way indeed of doing justice to the strangeness, the beauty and the peril of our lives,” asks...


Visiting Heaven

Eban Alexander has journeyed to heaven and returned to tell the tale. In addition to writing an upcoming book, he chose to publish his private revelation in the pages of Newsweek. He’s a neurosurgeon,...


Fantasy and myth

Will linked us to this piece by James Bowman earlier.  Bowman writes: I mention this difference between the fantastical as it existed in olden times and today, which some may think a trivial one,...


a quote for the middle of the afternoon

“I’m sick to frigging death of people – self-identifiedly conservative or otherwise – whose reaction to the ongoing revelation of what our government and its representatives did post-9/11 is to say, Oh, well, I’m...

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