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Dreaming of an analog wake.


Warning: Jamming Ahead.

Protecting the music industry from those pesky consumers

If you like music, this is really important. The architecture of online music distribution has been amazing for the consumer. With iTunes or Pandora or eMusic, the savvy listener can get just about whatever...

thursday art walk

The Return of Marcus Sextus by Pierre-Narcisse Guerin

thursday art walk

The Captivity is as Barbarous as the Crime by Fransisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes

Thursday Art Walk

Seven Spirits of God, by William Blake __________________________________________ and, from The Everlasting Gospel The vision of Christ that thou dost see Is my vision’s greatest enemy. Thine has a great hook nose like thine;...

quote of the day

“It’s not fair for me just to single out the lyrics, because I also know I’m listening to Christian radio immediately because of the shimmery keyboards and amped-up major-key guitar lines – there’s a...