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Mount Rushmore — Super Edition

Guess what I know next-to-nothing about?  Super heroes. Guess what I’m going to do a Mount Rushmore of this week?  Super heroes! 1. Superman 2. Spider-Man 3. Wolverine 4. Gambit Why?  FUCK IF I...


Mount Rushmore – Soup Edition

Mmmmm, soup.  Is there anything better than a delicious, piping hot bowl of soup on a snowy winter’s day?  (Note to our SoCal contingent: “Winter” is when the air turns cold and our precipitation...


Mount Rushmore – Children’s Author Editions

Hey!  Something I know about!  Which means I’ll probably get twice as many hate-comments.  Don’t worry… I haven’t yet realized my dream of turning the “Fast and Furious” movies into a series of pop-up...


Mount Rushmore – Candy Edition

A new weekly feature wherein everyone gets mad at each other yelling about something meaningless. This weeks’ topic? CANDY!


Mount Rapmore

Who would be on your Mount Rushmore of rap? Let the battle begin…

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