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The Case for Monopoly

Board Game Symposium: If anything, Monopoly teaches that, despite your best planning, wise investment, and sound judgment, sometimes the universe has other plans (or no plan at all).


Lemonade, Taxis, Victims and a Comment Rescue or Two

In a recent post by Tod about privilege, a discussion emerged regarding the role of government in providing privilege via the enforcement of monopolies. As noted, such privilege does not just belong to the...


How Privatization Gets (and Deserves) a Bad Name

Gary Farber at Obsidian Wings points out this Matt Taibbi piece in Rolling Stone. Taibbi has always been skeptical of the free market movement, and sometimes his skepticism is even justified: In the summer...


Capitalism, Anarchy & War Part II

A few things to follow up on my last post with, briefly. First, I agree with the larger critique of IOZ’s post that in fact the “system” has no intent – no grand conspiracy...


community and exit

One fundamental flaw in the idealized concept of small town America is the lack of freedom to exit.  In small towns the freedom to exit is greatly reduced – especially in rural areas where...


charter cities ctd.

Here’s a thought.  Preventing immigrants from coming to the United States to work essentially creates a barrier to exit.   Immigrants are forced to remain within the monopoly of their native state.  Removing the barrier...


government and monopoly

“Monopolies are not innovative, whether they are public or private.”  ~ Megan McArdle “One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do Two can be as bad as one It’s the loneliest number since...