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Two Hamiltons For A Tubman

Maybe it wasn’t the biggest surprise to come out of the Treasury Department since FDR approved 3.2% beer during Prohibition, but Burt Likko welcomes today’s news about the government’s decision to shift the granting of high honors from one historical figure to another anyway.



I want money (that’s what I want).


An Adjunct’s Lament

It’s the last session of class. What runs through the adjunct professor’s mind?


To No One’s Surprise

A squib of a post about this morning’s Supreme Court decision in McCutcheon v. FEC. Very brief: aggregate campaign donation limits unconstitutional.


The Ethics and Incentives of Socialized Law

Noam Scheiber makes a radical suggestion. Eric Posner has lots of reasons why it’ll never work. Burt Likko says, “There’s a few things neither of you bright fellows have thought of.”


One Court To Rule Them All

Burt Likko is no rail engineer. But he is a lawyer, and that means he can offer at least one suggestion to moderate the ongoing boondoggle that is the California High Speed Rail Project.


A Thoroughly Unreasonable Request

In my business, I go to considerable efforts to make it as easy as possible for my clients to give me their money. This seems to be an ethic that DirecTV does not share.


A Capitalist’s Love Ballad to Bankruptcy

In Burt’s recent FP post, he takes a hypothetical bankruptcy scenario posed by Randy Harris and teases out the personal and professional ethics of the fictional players. If you haven’t read it yet, you...


Why I Read Bryan Caplan

I know I often disagree with him. But then there’s stuff like this: “What’s stopping Warren Buffett from paying more taxes?” is a red herring. The fundamental question is: “Why is government’s share of...


It Seems Appropriate…

…That on April 20, of all days, I should come across a post discussing the wording of an effort to enact a repeal of Citizens United by way of amending the United States Constitution....


Tax Credits and Subsidies

My former colleague Will Wilkinson offers some insightful comments on our intuitions regarding taxes, subsidies, and fiscal policy. To wit: I think the assumption on the right is that first we work to make...


Idiots and Maniacs

  Tony Comstock, writing about his “Sputnik Moment“: Okay, I pretty much wonder “What the fish have I done with my life?” every time I have a set major back (which is pretty much...


Eating Peas

Fellow Ordinaries Elias Isquith and Mike Dwyer have fired the opening shots in our discussion about the latest budget proposal from that fiscal firebrand from Janesville, Paul Ryan, and Tod Kelly (who has just been...