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Mitt Romney 70

The Third Coming of Mitt Romney

In a hotly contested election year, the most boring US Senate race might prove to have the most impact after the election. Barring something unheard of Mitt Romney is going to become the junior US Senator from Utah. But the former Massachusetts Governor and presidential candidate would not be your typical freshman senator.


Romney Condemns Trump

A grownup finally steps in. Bear in mind, this is an argument aimed at Republicans.

Full text and video.


Run, Mitt, Run!

Mitt Romney is considering running again in 2016. Herewith a little history lesson. Three men have lost their first election as their party’s presidential nominee, then gone on to get their party’s nomination again:*#...


Thoughts on Double Down

I plowed through Double Down, which I recommend if you are one of the relative few who belong both to the set of people who like politics and the set of people who are not...


What Mitt Romney Meant

A new Economist piece sheds light on whether or not Romney’s 2012 rhetoric was as plastic as it seemed.


Romney Logic

Mitt Romney believes that he lost the presidential election because many voters (as many as 47%, maybe more!) who benefit from government programs were incapable of basing their votes on anything other than their interest in maintaining...


Sailing Away to Irrelevance, Part II

“But there is another kind of light; a light that fills even the darkest places.  For if this meat-light did not exist, how could darkness be seen? And so it is with the truth....


Not Close

Kevin Drum provides a wonderful opportunity for me to launch my first volley in the struggle to write the first draft of history for the 2012 election: Liberals, you should rein in the triumphalism....


Was Mitt Romney “Juicing?”

In case you hadn’t noticed, American lefties have been having a bit of fun at Karl Rove’s expense. Their bête noire imploded on live TV Tuesday night; Fox’s Megyn Kelly had to talk him...


Briefly, On The Search For Explanations

Pi (1998) — Number Theory vs. NumerologyWatch this video on YouTube I have always been drawn to this scene; I find its argument appealing, especially the idea that people looking for patterns will always...


What If It’s the OTHER Reality?

Though I’ve made my view of the electoral situation pretty clear, I’m well aware that Tuesday’s election will be damned close. I’m well aware that as encouraging as Nate Silver’s model/conclusions are, he still predicts...


Nate Silver Himself Is the Entity to Be Analyzed

I love Nate Silver. I love his steady analysis of staggering reams of data. I love his measured treatment of complicated electoral possibilities. I love that he talks in terms of probabilities instead of...


Voting on a Prayer

Dave Weigel boldly travels into a realm I’d dare not go — the minds of those newspaper editorial boards that endorsed Obama in 2008 but went for Romney in 2012. It’s a land of magical...


Post-post-racial America

Looking at the polling data earlier this week, I noticed my longtime worst nightmare for the 2012 presidential election was becoming a distinct possibility — a cardiac-arrest-close Obama defeat due to his losing white...