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Only Nixon Could Go to China

In my previous post on this topic, I concluded with a warning that, if the UN recognizes Palestinian statehood, it needs to make this recognition contingent on Palestinian recognition of Israel’s right to exist—saying,...


Past, Present, Future: 1948 and 2011

“This is not a conflict about 1967 but about 1948, when the State of Israel was established,” said Netanyahu. “The Palestinians call this a day of catastrophe, but their catastrophe is that their leadership...


More Voices for a Nonbelligerency Process

Roger Cohen is on board with ending the Peace Process and moving to a de facto ceasefire (though admittedly still pretty awful ) in Israel-Palestine.  Money quote:


The Mideast Peace, Make That, Nonbelligerency Process

Rob Malley and Hussein Agha have a very thought-provoking piece in the New York Review of Books (h/t Marc Lynch) concerning the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.  In effect, they argue that the peace process is...


Multipolarity and Middle East

Scott’s intriguing counterintuitive post got me thinking.  He thinks Obama should hold off on diving into a Middle East Peace Process.  It appears however Obama–at least in his public rhetoric–is headed in from the...

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