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Pretentious? That's Not Pretentious. <i>That's</i> Pretentious.

Pretentious? That’s Not Pretentious. That’s Pretentious.

In a 100 percent perfectly titled post, Patrick at Popehat (and Ann Althouse) tears asunder the nomination of Merle Haggard’s classic Okie From Muskogie for Andrew Sullivan’s poll on the “smuggest, most pretentious pop song in history.”  How, after all, can a song that anyone with even a modicum of understanding of music, much less…

Party All the Time

Party All the Time

Because it’s Thursday and Thursday is 80’s night at a bar somewhere, it’s totally fitting to post this awesome retro Eddie Murphy music video. I’m so glad I lived in almost total ignorance of the world around me during the 80’s. Music and comedy after the leap…