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Ordinary World 20 Oct 2018

Your Ordinary World 20 Oct 2018 with links to stories from England, Australia, India, Mexico and the anniversary of Yorktown.


Legalize It!

The perverse nature of our ‘War’ on Drugs was never more evident than in this Wall Street Journal article. A few choice quotes:


“The Fall of Mexico”

After reading this article, it seems as if legalization is the only solution to Mexico’s drug problem. Countries without strong independent judiciaries and relatively non-corrupt public institutions don’t have the luxury of outlawing drugs.


now that i have a kid…

…everything is scarier, more urgent.  Like this swine flu epidemic.  I’m really nervous about this, especially living in Arizona.  Roque – keep healthy down in Mexico, man…. (you are in Mexico, right?)


the ethical sale of crystal meth

While I’m largely of the same mind as Freddie on the subject of drug legalization, which may indeed be the best way to defeat the cartels and avoid the sort of civil war (a...


re:ratiocination: mexican drug insurgency edition

C. Augustin Dierkes post on the Mexican drug war to me highlighted one of the many downsides to the drug war, one which happens to be among the more distressing changes in American life...


ratiocination: mexican drug insurgency edition

My namesake, the great detective C. Auguste Dupin, who was himself an extraordinary gentlemen (I a member of the ordinary type) deployed a process termed “ratiocination”. It involved among other things Dupin’s remarkable ability...