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Harvey Weinstein 7

Weinstein Convicted of Rape

After five days of deliberation, the jury in Harvey Weinstein’s criminal trial returned a mixed verdict

Han Solo

I Want to be Kissed by a Scoundrel

Heads up, dudes, YOU’RE the ones that can’t control yourselves, some of you. Why don’t you let me decide what I like and want for myself?

placido Domingo

This One Really Hurts

The big problem with advocating for victims of sexual assault is that nobody wants to believe it when it’s a public figure that they admire.

He Was So Well-Respected

Yet with all that training, we get no instruction about what to do when the accused abuser is a fellow teacher.

The “S*** List” Fights Back

The lawsuit, and Elliott’s plan to “dox” and expose the women who anonymously added to the list, were met with the expected mixed reaction, from cheers of encouragement to Elliott for “fighting back”, to, of course, GoFundMes for both parties.

Who Gets A Chance

In the aftermath of his attempt to rehabilitate Jian Ghomeshi, Ian Buruma is out as the editor of the New York Review Of Books. He will not be missed.

Asia Argento is Probably a Rapist. And Probably a Victim.

Asia Argento is a director and an actor, but to many she is better known for two things: being the girlfriend of the late and beloved Anthony Bourdain, and one of the first women to accuse Harvey Weinstein of rape. As recent headlines have revealed, she is also an accused rapist.

Miss America

There She Is, Miss America 2.0

“It is NOT a beauty pageant! It is a scholarship program!” is the famous line about a fictional competition in the movie Miss Congeniality. But major changes announced to the annual crowning of Miss America are real, right down to not calling it a pageant, with the aim being more competition and less beauty emphasis.

Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein Turns Himself In

Harvey Weinstein, once the most powerful of Hollywood moguls, is under arrest in New York City. The producer, whose alleged sexual abuse of women became a catalyst for the #metoo movement, turned himself in to authorities Friday morning.

Cosby found guilt

Bill Cosby Found Guilty

Bill Cosby has been found guilty on three counts of sexual assault. While not overly surprising, to millions who grew up with the family friendly comedians public persona, it is still an astonish fall from grace.

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