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New developments…

New SOTD feature; enhanced Spoilerization; development blog in development; logical categories; more to come.

Should We Retire the Mystery Man?

The figure is traditionally taken to be a “he”: Maybe it’s because he seems to be bald. Whatever the explanation, and despite WP’s decision to rename him the “Mystery Person,” relying on him or zir or it may still qualify as sexist. Plus he happens to be… white.

OT Site Dev Sitrep

It’s OK to say “Heidegger” and “Wittgenstein” and to include up to three links in the body of your comments; I’m going to do a fingers-crossed changeover on the comment subscriptions system soon; you can now use either of two contact forms, general/editorial and support, available via the main menu under “Contact”; expect more tweaking as we work on bigger changes.

alternative styles

For your consideration and especially your comments…

Six simple changes to commenting format and functionality, of which five, with your cooperation (and if all goes as expected), can be demonstrated, tested, and assessed on this post’s comment thread. The sixth has already been implemented site-wide

The League Of Ordinary Gentlemen In 2012

If you’re interested in just how many people visited The League in 2012, who the top commenters were, or what our  most popular posts happened to be, check out this nifty Annual Report that...

A matter of taste

So, I’ve discovered in my blogging of late that adding pictures to posts can really liven up a blog. It adds value at the margin.

A Note to Readers and Commenters

We are saddened to see some of the comments in recent posts. The League is not above a good debate, but lately there have been comments made by writers here that go well across...

against the wind

Let me just say that I am overwhelmingly sympathetic to what Conor and Rod are saying regarding the punditocracy on the right and the futility of engaging the base.  In other words, I go...