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seniority & nepotism

Lisa – I should clarify my thoughts on both merit pay and seniority. Regarding merit pay, I agree with you and a number of commenters here that it is very difficult to accurately measure...


First-hired, last-fired

Ezra Klein makes a good point about the ‘first-hired, last-fired’ rule governing most public school systems. In most unionized public-school systems, tenure and seniority are the primary considerations which are used to determine who...


Evaluating Teachers

Opponents of merit pay often argue that performance-based compensation punishes good teachers for factors beyond their control. A new article from The Atlantic suggests that administrators and teachers are getting markedly better at measuring...


School reform in DC

Merit pay’s out, but teacher job security may still take a hit. Here’s The Washington Post on the final round of contract negotiations between DC and the teachers union (via):


Merit Pay, continued

Stepping back from the weeds of the merit pay debate, it’s kind of amazing to survey the arguments against compensating teachers based on performance and realize that this stuff literally wouldn’t fly in any...


Why not give merit pay a shot?

I confess I’m somewhat baffled by Dana Goldstein’s beef with merit pay: Forty years of psychological research demonstrates that when someone is faced with a complex, creative task — like teaching — money is...