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Woke Math?

Yes, there is a rich and diverse history behind the development of mathematics, but is there currently room in the math class for that?

Linky Friday: From Which Other Things STEM

Linky Friday is Ordinary Time’s Friday tradition of compiling stories from around the world and across the web straight to you. This week, From Which Other Things STEM is the theme, looking at Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, soundtracked with musicians than have mastered those fields themselves.


I was told there’d be none.

Maybe Barbie was a Scientist

You know that old high school lament, I’m not going to use math in real life? Apparently, you’re not going to use it in science either:

Monday Blognado: Does Size Matter?

Welcome to the first day of Blognado – an experiment where I try to shake myself out of my blogging drought (admittedly I’ve never been all that prolific, but still I’d like to try...

One, Two, American Dream

Tom Van Dyke’s recent post on how we’re not so good at math when it matters reminded me that we’re not so good at math when it matters. When linguists first began investigating tribal...

The chloroformed mind: the case against teaching math

Peter Gray has a fascinating piece in Psychology Today arguing, quite counter-intuitively, that in order to improve math scores we should stop teaching math – at least at the elementary level. He gives the...