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Avengers: Infinity War Shatters Box Office Record

Avengers: Infinity War came with a lot of hype and buzz, and delivered a record box office, eclipsing the previous record for worldwide opening by a staggering $100M.

The Defenders Is Thoroughly Ehh

Netflix’s and Marvel’s The Defenders is underwhelming, underpowered, and unimpressive. And yet, it might one day not be.

It’s Their Universe, Not Ours

Shared Universes are a recommendation algorithm and a sequel factory and our enjoyment or lack thereof doesn’t really factor in.

Iron Man 3: One Big Joke

Tony Stark suffers from PTSD, Pepper Pots is mad because he bought her a giant stuffed rabbit for Christmas, and an enigmatic terrorist called the Mandarin is taking responsibility for supposed suicide bombings in...

The Future of Digital Comics According to SXSW 2013

At various times during the past 24 hours I’ve tried to log in to ComiXology on my tablet with no success. That was, of course, because of a recent announcement Marvel made at SXSW....

How The Avengers Succeeds

“They’re a mash-up; they’re insane,” Whedon says. “But the beauty of that is as exciting as the problem of that is daunting.” Marvel’s The Avengers is an impressive monster. A juggernaut at the box...