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Lemonade, Taxis, Victims and a Comment Rescue or Two

In a recent post by Tod about privilege, a discussion emerged regarding the role of government in providing privilege via the enforcement of monopolies. As noted, such privilege does not just belong to the...


Markets Are The New Culture

I do love A Bit of Fry & Laurie. This is quite a brilliant sketch, whatever you make of its politics. Maybe not quite as good as their free-market-police bit, but right up there.


Social Forces and Vulgar Libertarianism

Will Wilkinson makes an important observation about the affinity between libertarians and conservatives. At the heart of the fusionism between the two groups, he explains, is the notion of individual responsibility. Whereas libertarians and...


Optimism Inc.

Me: Not to sound like too much of an optimist – because resource depletion does keep me up nights, too – but I do think innovation and green technology and new ways of crafting...


Market liberals

Matt Yglesias makes tons of sense with his latest foray into an ongoing debate between him and John Quiggin and others. I think Matt operates in that awkward position of being not-progressive-enough for much...


Capitalism, Anarchy & War

IOZ devotes a bit of time to snarking at that Karl Smith post everyone’s been linking to and talking about: When people say that the job, purpose, goal, intent, etc. of something is to...


On free markets

[updated] So, just to clarify a position I hold: My belief in free markets is based in the concept of failure. I believe in markets because I believe they allow for failure to occur....


We’re already at war

James Poulos thinks I’m wrong to advocate against Arthur Brooks’ culture war: Alas, the cultural conflict is already blazing. Some people think a federal tax on tanning is a legitimate tool of economic policy....


misconceptions and deregulation

Just very briefly – “deregulation” does not mean the stripping away of all rules or the desire to enter into a state of anarchy.  So when I speak of “deregulating” the health care industry,...