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I remember this gimmick

Conor Friedersdorf’s valiant attempt to convert Levin fans irresistibly recalls The Guardian’s 2004 letter writing campaign to American voters. The American reaction (short version: “Suck it, Limeys!”) –  and some pretty solid research on...


I know Mark Levin, and you sir are no Mark Levin

I love debate, as all of you here know, but when someone picks on Mark Levin – the most gentlemanly scholar and scholarly gentleman I have ever known, a veritable light in a sea...


No epistemic closure here!

One response to the debate over conservatism and “epistemic closure” has been to argue that, well, conservatism is ailed by no such disease. I highlighted Jim Manzi’s excellent takedown of Mark Levin’s Liberty and...


rethinking a strong national defense

Mark Levin’s response to The Weekly Standard’s Peter Berkowitz is surprisingly good.  I find myself truly befuddled by the apparent twin-personalities of the man who is Mark Levin – the thoughtful, reasonable essayist vs....


Mark Levinsane Strikes Again and Again and Again

Apparently all one has to do is write a post with a title similar to this one to get on Mark Levin’s increasingly long and decreasingly witty “most deranged bloggers” list, as friend of...

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