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Bucking Trends

Young people aren’t liberal on all issues, namely the death penalty. Why?


Ballot Initiatives Open Thread

And now on to the more important matters of ballot initiatives. In general last night’s results lead me to believe that American citizens are moving towards a more liberal (in the classical sense) political...


More on Medical Marijuana

The Nick Diaz saga, which I first wrote about here, continues: He was placed under temporary suspension when a post-fight drug test revealed the presence of marijuana metabolites in his system.


Locally grown and operated

Arizona has legalized medical marijuana, joining fifteen other states across the country that allow marijuana use for health purposes. A system of cultivation and dispensaries will be operative by late summer 2011, with all...


National Review and Prop 19

Here’s an odd statement from Andrew Sullivan: A search for a single mention of Prop 19 in today’s National Review found only this measured piece by Reihan, one of our most illustrious Dish alums....


Conrad Black on the War on Drugs (and Rupert Murdoch)

Writing at National Review, Conrad Black has many disparaging things to say about the War on Drugs and about the prohibition of marijuana specifically. For example: For blacks, the chances of being arrested and...


Prop 19

Writing over at The Corner, Kevin Williamson points to the No on Proposition 19 campaign’s website, which has the following statement beneath the picture of a smashed up school bus: On average, a drunk...


Wecommended Weeding

Will doesn’t quite agree with Matt Labash on medical marijuana: Labash seems to think that his subjects’ tenuous connection to the health care industry is some sort of blanket indictment of marijuana use, but...


Pot Culture Watch

I ride the DC Metro to work. Sometimes people sit next to me who smell like pot. I don’t care if they do, and there’s no way in hell I’m going to report them…...



You know, there are actual policy consequences for the kind of “haha, the stoners came out!” attitude that President Obama, and the media, demonstrated towards the question about ending the prohibition of marijuana at...


Grow your own?

Regarding the “grow your own policy” Mark Kleiman proposes, I have to say this is a very misguided approach.  While I love the notion of small, localized marijuana farmers, growing organic pot and sharing...


the ethical sale of crystal meth

While I’m largely of the same mind as Freddie on the subject of drug legalization, which may indeed be the best way to defeat the cartels and avoid the sort of civil war (a...