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And They’re Off!

A snapshot of a crowded campaign, taken right as the gate opens.


Memo from the American Whig Party

The Republican Party is not the American Whig Party, but its successes–and eventual failure–offer some useful lessons worth considering.


Are Rubio and Ryan Serious About Inequality?

David Graham of The Atlantic has a good piece wondering whether we should take seriously the recent murmurs of GOP rebranding emanating from the Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio camps. The basis for the speculation is a Politico...


Jon Stewart and Marco Rubio Do Political TV the Right Way

I haven’t seen much discussion on the intertubes of Jon Stewart’s interview with Marco Rubio last night. I find this somewhat puzzling, if not disappointing. For those that haven’t seen it, I cannot recommend it...


Against Intellectual Provincialism

Epistemic Closure Revisited Eons ago in blog-years, Julian Sanchez provoked some indignant responses by suggesting that conservatives are too dependent on a closed, self-referential media ecosystem. Sanchez’s original post elicited a sharp reply from...


Marco Rubio

Here’s Rubio’s acceptance speech after he beat not only Democratic challenger Kendrick Meek, but also the slimy, mercurial Charlie Crist. There’s no two ways about this – Rubio is going to be a force...


That rarest of beasts – the positive political ad

I like this Marco Rubio ad because it’s positive, avoids cheap shots at Charlie Crist even though Crist has made himself a very easy target, and because, quite frankly, I really loathe Charlie Crist....